Music Festival Inspired Outfits FOR MEN!

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My last post showed you the music festival inspired outfits for women, and some of my guy friends asked me to make another music festival inspired outfits post, but this time it’s for men. On my previous post, I asked two of my friends for a music festivals must-have and/or must-bring items and now I am going to put the second answer again in this post.

So, Ashaf Riva said he will always bring a hat, wear a simple t-shirt (band t-shirts are better!), and pair them with jeans. He also said guys often prefer shoes from Vans than boots. With his simple advices, I am going to give you 3 styles that you can wear to a music festival. Outfits for men are actually always pretty simple. You will look good with only wearing a simple t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. But why not try to look better to a music festival?

music fest inspired outfits guys

Style #1 – I know most of you have your favourite band t-shirts that you bought online on their official website or maybe you bought the merchandise when you watched their concerts years ago. Wear them. Some people say it’s definitely a don’t to wear a band t-shirt to their concert but for music festivals, it’s a do, because there is a large number of bands playing at a music festival so it is okay to show your support for your favourite band by wearing their t-shirts. You can wear coloured trouser like the one in the picture to give a more stylish twist to your outfit. A pair of hi-top chuck taylor will probably be the best shoes to wear to a concert or music festivals since it’s really comfortable. (PRODUCTS: Black Nirvana T-Shirt – New Look / Bellfield Dark Red Large Button – New Look / Wayfarer 2132 – Rayban / Casio Yellow – ASOS / Hi Top Chuck Taylor – Converse)

Style #2 – Music festival are commonly held outdoor, so you will need to prepare for the sun’s heat. Wearing shorts and roll them up is definitely a good idea. Music festivals are also a place where men can wear sleeveless tees. Because why not? It’s obviously going to be hot and you might need a breathable top, so when the temperature rises up you can still feel the wind blows through your top. Other kind of shoes that is as comfortable as chuck taylor will be the footwear coming from Vans. So wear them. You can also add accessories like a sunglasses to protect your from the sun. (PRODUCTS: Blue Denim Washed Top – Topman / Stone Chino Shorts – Topman / Clubmaster 3016 – Rayban / Snapback Cap – Topman / Black Pop Era – Vans)

Style 3 – If you decide to wear jeans, pair them with a lightweight tee. Why? Because there will be a lotttt of people at a music festival and the place will become even hotter, and you will definitely need a top that won’t stick to your body if you sweat. You can wear a bright coloured top so you will stand out in the crowd. It’s a music festival after all. A watch is kind of important too, since there are lots of bands performing and you need a watch to show you the time so you won’t be late to see your favourite band performs. Other than sunglasses, a cap is also a necessity at music festivals. This will block the sun from your face and you are ready to enjoy yor favourit bands. (PRODUCTS: Age of Aquarius Orange Tie Dye T-Shirt – Topman / Dark Wash Skinny Carrot Jeans – Topman / Icon Brand Snapback Cap – ASOS / Casio White – ASOS / Hi Top Chuck Taylor – Converse)

One important thing is – comfort is the key. Wear the most comfortable outfit so you can enjoy all performances without any disturbance. See you at the upcoming music festivals guys!

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